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Napster & Dwango Pair Up To Offer Ringtones

NapsterNapster and Dwango Wireless on Monday unveiled a pact to offer music ringtones and other features in a new service that Napster hopes will widen its reach. Napster will offer ringtones made from popular songs — branded ‘Napstertones‘ in a fit of narcissism — for between $1.99 and $2.99. According to Napster the service is “the first ringtone offering provided by an online music download or subscription service”, although I’m not sure why that makes it special. It’s a logical business more music download and subscription services to get into, especially when they rely as heavily on their brand as Napster does.
The service also is expected to roll out in Canada with Rogers and Fido in June, and Napster is working with other U.S. cell phone services to expand Napstertones even more broadly during this upcoming summer, the story says.
Rafat: This should be an interesting test of pricing dynamics and consumer behavior now: I’ve written in detail about the online and mobile music disconnect, and this should test some of the theories…a 99 cent music download, juxtaposed against a $2.99 mastertone of the same song would take some explaining to do now. I’m assuming Napster’s smart enough to keep both of the areas of the site separate, at least to being with…
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