Mobile Haves and Have Nots


The new sign of digital snobbery – wireless penetration. Telegeography has put together a list which is quite a read. At the end of end of 2004 there were ten countries had 100% penetration, with tiny Luxembourg topping the charts with a staggering 135%. All that discrete banking deserves an extra wireless connection or two. Germany keeping up with its image of uber efficiency, had 102% penetration. On the opposite end of the spectrum are India (3.5%) and Bangladesh (2.7%). Except at 3.5% of a billion, India is kicking Europe’s ass. The fastest growing wireless market in 2004: Iraq, which reported a massive 1,757% increase in subscribers to 1.2 million, followed by Nigeria (170% to 8.79 million) and Pakistan (139% to 8.51 million).

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