iPod Vending Machine


iPod Vending Machine

I’ve seen a lot of things…but this is just crazy. It looks as though Apple is now dispensing iPod mini’s like hotcakes…literally. Someone in the Atlanta Airport spotted what could be labeled an Apple Store-mini. It’s a vending machine that dispenses iPod mini’s and shuffles. Just swipe your credit card and select which items you would like and before you know it you’ll be bumpin’ tunes in style. I can just hear little kids now, “Mommy, can I have $200 to get something out of the vending machine…”

Linkage: BoingBoing.net



You better pray to God that the iPod doesn’t get stuck after it vends the thing, like is the case on some of those chocolate vending machines!

The Brad

Heh, that’s a pretty good idea, but what about the poor sales
man/woman who was put out of work by this machine?

What about the people?! >_


Not just iPods – sells Virgin Atlantic mobile phones and othe such stuff. Saw it this weekend!


Yeah, you buy it only to find it has no music and a 40% charge. Great idea! They should at least throw in a mini with Airport (heh) Extreme, so you could hop on a wireless network, download some songs, hot sync that puppy up, and be off with some cool tunes.


(just being sarcastic)

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