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Digital Jukebox May Be A Bridge Too Far

Given our mission here at paidContent — to cover the economics of digital media — I’m predisposed toward, well, digital content. But I hit a wall last night when my partner and I stopped for burgers last night at Blueberry Hill, where Chuck Berry plays regular gis, Elvis is an icon and rock-n-roll was the theme long before it was trendy. For me, part of the tradition is heading to the jukebox to load it up on classics. It was hard enough to accept the shift from singles to CD but the newest version, a digital system with more than 13,000 songs, saps the joy out of the ritual and the character out of the jukebox. It’s also expensive: 2 songs for $1, 5 songs for $2, etc. I’m sure it has fans and it would be great for a party (65 songs for $20 dollars).