“The Huffington Post” Off To A Good Start But Can It Keep Up The Pace?


For some reason, the phrase “Chinese menu” keeps running through my mind. Maybe it’s the hodge podge of people and topics or the column a, b or c design, or just the idea that, like a good Chinese menu, there should be something for everyone — as long as Chinese food appeals to you. Want to read about Yalta? Arthur Schlesinger comes through. Wonder about what kind of acid was served at Hunter S. Thompson’s post-memorial party? John Cusack can fill you in; most of the brief post is a litany of sayings Thompson wrote on the walls of his Woody Creek home. (One quote in the post came from a t-shirt Thompson sent the actor: “Politics is the art of controlling your environment.” Makes me think of this new publishing effort.)
I could name drop for hours; after all, “The Blog” page is 40 posts long at this point — 16 print pages and that doesn’t include the full text of each post. At this rate, we’ll need a daily “Huffington Post” report. At the very least, how about the ability to sign up for author-specific feeds to help readers who may want to follow one or more particular authors but don’t have the time or inclination to read the whole menu in Chinese?

Update 1: Gawker, Defamer and Wonkette are all over it, ripping it to shreds. Meanwhile, other blogs react…mixed.

Update 2: Tribune Media Services will probably begin syndicating content from the blog within a month, according to E&P…The syndicated version of THP (NYSE: HPQ) will be a “best-of” selection of small and larger items from the site.

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