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Ringbacks Beat Ring Tones? I Feel Like A DJ

Julie Ask, a JupiterResearch analyst who is blogging her experience with trying ringback tones, has stated that friends — once they learn that hearing music when they call her isn’t a mistake — are pestering her to change her ringback tone. “Most of my friends are in their mid-thirties and have been using phones for circa 30+ years – at a minimum. They’ve been listening to phones ring on both ends for decades. Same ring – over and over and over. Now, after two weeks of hearing 30 seconds of one song … it’s annoying? How did we get here?”

Interesting question, Julie. It appears that once something leaves the realm of utility and enters that of entertainment people become bored with it. The traditional ring sound didn’t get boring because it wasn’t meant to be entertaining… Whether this is good for the mobile industry because people keep changing their ringback tone or bad for the mobile industry because people give up on the idea in frustration has yet to be seen… (via Techdirt)