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Google (NOT) Hacked? Just A DNS Glitch says Google

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Recap: 6:13PM PST: Google was not hacked, but instead had a DNS problem. For some readers the site was redirecting to the SoGoSearch page. That continues to fox me, and I plan to investigate further. All services have been restored. I find it amazing: Google is now as integrated in our lives as a phone company, or heaven forbid, TV networks. Multiple experts say that the screen grab I got was result of broswers not being able to resolve to, and instead stumbled upon ( is the SoGoSearch website, and they have a wildcard match). Once Google’s DNS was restored, browsers stopped the appending, and started functioning normally.

Update #6: Yet another screen shot And another one, plus looks like someone swiped the domain name. Larry Magid was on the local CBS radio talking about the Google’s great vanishing trick.

Update #5: Everything back to normal. All Google services are working. Though as an aside, Google has reached the full capacity for its Web Accelerator Beta.

Update # 4: More from Mr. Krane of Google: BTW, this was not the result of a hack or any kind of security issue. “Yes, it was a DNS issue. We’re seeing things as fully restored as of more than 30 min. ago. You’re the first to send such a screen shot and report this kind of issue. I’ll bounce it to the tech staff and will keep you posted.” I got another screenshot which was as of 5.08 PM PST. Not sure if I am having this problem in specific or others noticing the same issue. I use comcast as broadband provider. Any updates people?

Update #3: David Krane, the big cheese @ Google PR wrote back a few seconds ago and had this to add, “Google’s global properties were unavailable for a short period of time earlier today. We’ve remedied the problem and access to Google has been restored worldwide.”

Update #2: Some people are saying in the comments here and over at Engadget, that Google might have been in middle of a DNS software switch. I still can’t believe that a strange image would just show up there.

Update #1: Some people say they have it back, but I am still having trouble logging in to my Gmail. And still not getting Google homepage. I have left voice mail and sent emails to Google’s PR people and their hotline. Not sure, what’s going on precisely but will be on the story.

google hacked

03.11 PM, PST: Looks like we are having a Google outage – apparently someone has hijacked their Domain, and something called SoGoSearch is showing up instead. GMail was down as well. Google ads are not being served up as well. Am I the only one, or did you guys feel the webquake as well? Man if this is a hack, then we now know nothing – not even god, I mean Google is safe! Is this someone’s idea of teaching them a lesson? Or has the Web Accelerator shown its true colors? Lots of unanswered questions. Here is a screen grab by the way!

186 Responses to “Google (NOT) Hacked? Just A DNS Glitch says Google”

  1. Atul Deshmukh

    yes or and internal are failing to open, some flight travel company is opening. the data seems to be coming from some site where dns might be forwarding data. initially i thought my browser was hacked so i deleted all temp files and cookies but the problem persisted, checked in firefox and internet explorer

  2. Michael Bay

    Google was hacked
    Google was hacked
    Google was hacked
    Google was hacked
    Google was hacked
    Google was hacked Google was hacked Google was hacked

    Some marketing guy is pretending it did not happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have 38 people denying this !

    Never trust them

  3. I was faced with the same problem as awful was (or still is?), and was super frustrated
    finally I downloaded applejack and ran it once, and the problem was solved somehow

  4. I don’t think Google was hacked because if they were hacked how do they resolved this so quick?!

    They are testing some new algorithm commands on their server and something worked wrong..


  5. Still happening…. Browser lags to a crawl and then as usual, is first to get hijacked by infoweb (which is the same as sogo)… usually by clicking a news link. And the ‘infoweb’ site is also aware of the yahoo hijack since they page they display is all about yahoo and their (old) business dealings during the initial talk of a microsoft takeover.

    slows down home broadband connection to a crawl… mac/osx comcast cable broadband, portland oregon. Usually lasts for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

    I still can’t believe there isn’t more conversation about this on forums…

  6. Jonathan

    This happened to me two days ago. It occurred on two separate computers, a mac and a pc. The address bar said but the page displayed the Paul Campaign for Liberty website. It was as if the ron paul site resided on the google domain. It was like that for about ten minutes or so around 7:05PM PST. I am in the Los Angeles area with Time Warner Cable as my ISP and I am using a Belkin N1 Wireless Router. Could it be a DNS issue? I also have regular issues trying to access the yahoo login page and some pop3 issues connecting to my personal mail server – not sure if these are related.

  7. awful

    Still happening. Sogo redirect for certain pages. Comcast broadband, osx, using any browser, same results. I still cannot believe that there isn’t anybody with a fix for this or at least more complaints. It seems almost as if where you’d expect to see people angry or complaining about this, that the messages have been wiped from forums.

    today’s annoying redirect is when accessing a mundane ip lookup page that has never had the sogo redirect problem in the past, but now being redirected for about a week straight.

  8. Whoa, today (date to left of post), i was trying to access a part of my site i have barely created (new mod for phpbb3), and when trying to install (through browser, install.php stuff), internet would redirect to sogosearch.

    Is anyone doing anything to stop these people?

  9. really? this isn’t happening to anyone else? Eveyday, maybe more than once, our comcast broadband connection ends up getting hijacked. Google ads are hijacked and replaced with annoyingly awful orange ‘sogo’ logotype. Either that, or the search (yahoo and google) get directly hijacked by either the orange ‘sogo’ page or the other ‘infoweb’ page… which is the same company.

    I can’t believe nobody else is having this problem. It surely can’t just be us.

    We’re using comcast cable/broadband in Portland, Oregon.

    This has been going on for at least a year now, but gotten much worse within the last few months.

  10. awful

    Still continually, everyday at some point… hijack by sogo or infoweb (same company) and usually yahoo as well, but also today