Doctors and Tablets


Nick Bradbury (FeedDemon) posts about a visit to his doctor and the utility he saw using Tablet PCs.  It seems his doctor had Tablet PCs in all the rooms and did all patient documentation in real time on the Tablet screen.  The coolest part- his doctor drew a sketch of his inner ear to help explain what was causing his problem.  This is the type of technology that all physicians and dentists can really benefit from and it’s good to hear of someone who has put it in action.

(via Rob Bushway)



Last time I saw my doctor, he said he was doing a trial of similar technology the next week. Don’t know how it went, but they were still trying to decide between a tablet and a pda. I talked to him about the differences and even though I’m a pda fan, I told him he might find tablets to be a lot more useful and easier to use. I’m curious to see what they end up with.

Another intersting point was that while medical details like diagnosis will be chosen as drop down menus, he hopes to record audio notes on the device and feed it to Naturally Speaking for transcription. He said they even had an option for an Indian accent, which would be perfect for him! And it was kind of neat because he was excited about the whole thing even though he was concerned about losing efficiency in the office until they got used to the new system.

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