Make your PC Work (not look) More Like a Mac


I run across a lot of people who are dual platform PC users- they either use Windows XP primarily and sometimes a Mac or vice versa.  Users like this usually end up missing some utility of one operating system that the other doesn’t have and look for alternative solutions.  Best Tool for the Job has published a great blog post for Mac users who want their WinXP computers to be more "Mac-like".  Note that this article is not attempting to make a WinXP system look like the Mac UI, there are tons of programs that can do that (and often at a big performance hit), rather the author set out to find the best utilities to replace certain things on the Mac that are lacking on the PC side.  A good example- AppRocket which duplicates a lot of the look and feel of Quicksilver on the Mac.  Check out the article for some excellent suggestions to augment the WinXP UI experience.

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