If Yahoo Music Search Then iTunes & Google?

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PaidContent.org points to a News.com scoop that Yahoo is developing a search engine for finding downloadable songs and music data from across the Internet.

“It makes sense because Yahoo’s got access to all this music to begin with,” said Gary Stein, an analyst at Jupiter Research. “Music needs better search, and by looking at the structured data of music–title, genre, etc., they could provide a better experience.”

This is an interesting development, as Yahoo scrambles to get its own online music stores revving. Given the competition between Yahoo Music and Apple’s iTunes, it won’t surprise me if Apple and Google teamed up for a service like this. Music acquisitions of Yahoo have not really panned out, or at least we have not seen a strategy around the whole music business. Maybe they will run music stores for their DSL partners – SBC and Verizon?

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