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Google Web Accelerator Dumbness – Take Two

Just because its from Google, and has a fancy name, doesn’t mean you need it. Google says its web accelerator is designed to be used with broadband. Excuse me – do I need to accelerate my browsing experience if I have broadband. Makes the whole software a bit of an oxymoron. Now if I was a dial-up consumer, I would like something like this. But broadband dwellers don’t need to trade their privacy for some program which they really don’t need.

6 Responses to “Google Web Accelerator Dumbness – Take Two”

  1. Tim Jansen

    I guess you need it as a broadband user because web servers may be too slow for you – if you have a 10 mbit/s connection, but you visit a site that serves you with only 1 mbit/s, a fast proxy can help. On the other hand, there is not much you can do for dial-up users. They just won’t get more than 56 kbit. Beside that, dial-up users are a dying market.