Sony U750P for sale- getting a Tablet PC

Tablet_osFrequent visitors to jkOnTheRun are aware that I recently have received the honor of an MVP award from Microsoft in the Tablet PC category.  The award is greatly appreciated and one I take very seriously, in the spirit in which it was given.  Receiving MVP status has created a personal dilemma for me because I do not have a (real) Tablet PC, which makes me uncomfortable.  Finances being what they are I have decided to sell my Sony U750P and the extras I have purchased so I can purchase a Tablet PC.  I would like to sell it here to save eBay fees so if you are interested in a great UPC this is a good opportunity.  Here are the specifics on the Sony U750P and the extras I am selling as a package (I will not sell items individually):

U70_pics_019 Sony U-750P- 512 MB RAM, 1.1 GHz, 20 GB HDD, standard battery (3.5 hours) 

  • Fin stylus
  • Carrying case for U
  • PDAir leather case (fits standard battery only) ($50+ item)
  • Carrying case for folding keyboard
  • English folding keyboard
  • Dock- 3 USB, 1 firewire, ethernet, VGA out
  • Ethernet/ VGA dongle
  • Headphones w/ remote control
  • Extended battery (5.5 hour- $300 item)
  • PCGA-DDRW3- CD/DVD burner (bootable in the dock) ($400 item)
  • VGP-CKU1 case with integrated stand
  • Billionton CF Bluetooth card and s/w (will work with any Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and cellphone as modem)

U70_pics_017This is an excellent opportunity for someone to pick up a Sony U750 (which are very difficult to find) that runs perfectly and has been properly maintained from someone you know  will be around after the sale.  Overnight shipping is $90 and the sale will go through PayPal and I will ship it once the transaction is verified (US only). If you are interested please email me with an offer for the above.  I am looking to sell it quickly so you can have a Sony U750 in just a day or two if your offer is the right one.   I intend to immediately get a Tablet PC when the sale is complete, probably an HP tc1100.


PDAir leather case


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