Sony U750P for sale- getting a Tablet PC


Tablet_osFrequent visitors to jkOnTheRun are aware that I recently have received the honor of an MVP award from Microsoft in the Tablet PC category.  The award is greatly appreciated and one I take very seriously, in the spirit in which it was given.  Receiving MVP status has created a personal dilemma for me because I do not have a (real) Tablet PC, which makes me uncomfortable.  Finances being what they are I have decided to sell my Sony U750P and the extras I have purchased so I can purchase a Tablet PC.  I would like to sell it here to save eBay fees so if you are interested in a great UPC this is a good opportunity.  Here are the specifics on the Sony U750P and the extras I am selling as a package (I will not sell items individually):

U70_pics_019 Sony U-750P– 512 MB RAM, 1.1 GHz, 20 GB HDD, standard battery (3.5 hours) 

  • Fin stylus
  • Carrying case for U
  • PDAir leather case (fits standard battery only) ($50+ item)
  • Carrying case for folding keyboard
  • English folding keyboard
  • Dock- 3 USB, 1 firewire, ethernet, VGA out
  • Ethernet/ VGA dongle
  • Headphones w/ remote control
  • Extended battery (5.5 hour- $300 item)
  • PCGA-DDRW3– CD/DVD burner (bootable in the dock) ($400 item)
  • VGP-CKU1 case with integrated stand
  • Billionton CF Bluetooth card and s/w (will work with any Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and cellphone as modem)

U70_pics_017This is an excellent opportunity for someone to pick up a Sony U750 (which are very difficult to find) that runs perfectly and has been properly maintained from someone you know  will be around after the sale.  Overnight shipping is $90 and the sale will go through PayPal and I will ship it once the transaction is verified (US only). If you are interested please email me with an offer for the above.  I am looking to sell it quickly so you can have a Sony U750 in just a day or two if your offer is the right one.   I intend to immediately get a Tablet PC when the sale is complete, probably an HP tc1100.


PDAir leather case



I’m trying to find a U750p, Can anyone tell me where i can get one besides ebay?


Microsoft has nothing to do with this. I am doing it for my ownbenefit and enjoyment.


It’s kind of a sad day to see you sell your Sony; You’ve been kind of a figurehead in the community promoting the U with your blog, first with the U70 and then with the U750. Personally, if Microsoft offered me a Tablet MVP, but told me I’d have to trade in my U750, I’d tell them to keep their title. :D But that’s just me. Good luck with your new tablet.




Thanks much for enlightening me. Those additions do seem like they’d make a noticeable difference.


JoeT- As JK said, “regular” Tablet PCs have an active instead of passive digitizer (aka only a speciaal pen works on them, tapping them with your finger, etc won’t register a tap like it does with the passives like the Sony U).

The conseqence for this is that with a Tablet PC you can rest your hand/wrist on the screen while you write without it registering a tap (like you would rest yor hand on a piece of paper when you write on it). If you had a 10″ or 12″ screen like most Tablets and a passive screen it would be very hard to avoid inadvertant taps.

The Sony U doesn’t have this problem as much since the screen is so small (your hand doesn’t rest on it).

Also with an active screen you can “hover” the pen above the screen and the mouse follows it around, a very handy feature. Plus an active screen supports additional buttons on the sylus (such as a right click buttton, or an eraser on the end of the stylus).

That’s the main differences. :)



I am happy to announce that the Sony has been sold so please no more emails about it. Thanks to everyone for your continued support of JkOnTheRun


JoeT, the Tablet PC specs require an active digitizer and the Sony does not. That said, the Sony with Tablet OS is just as functional, although of course the screen is much smaller. It is a personal credibility issue for me – I need a commercially available Tablet.


Not having a Tablet PC myself, I’m confused about why the U with Tablet PC OS isn’t a real Tablet PC. It seems to only have unusual choices for digitizer, hard buttons, and screen and hard drive sizes compared to most Tablet PCs.


Hey Anonymous (the one right above this post): think for a second.

The original premise was that JK loved the U, bt couldn’t afford to keep it because of money troubles. Todd donated him one (out of the kindness of his heart) to help him out. Now, a month or two later, times have changed in the mobile world (maybe not a lot, but JK needs a Tablet PC because of his recent Tablet MVP status).

Assuming the money issues are the same, he can’t afford to just go out and buy a new Tablet to supplement the U. So instead he’ll sell it in order to be able to buy the Tablet. Then it’s the same as if Todd had given him the Tablet in the first place to (if JK had said “I’d love a Tablet but can’t afford one right now” and Todd was gracious and thoughtful and kind enough to send him one).

If Todd’s okay with it, if it allows JK to keep on the edge of technology and keep writing us interesting blogs as well as fulfill his new role with Microsoft, why is it a big deal to YOU what happens? *shrugs*



“A little late in my response, but the person who gave him the U understands his situation completely.”

You mean that he wants to make a profit on someone else’s gift? Perhaps your gift? How thoughtful of you.

Of course, all this comnes after jk bemoaned the fact that he simply *had* to sell his last unit (only as a last resort, mind you…), and that “if only he could get another one, he could keep reporting on it…”


Also, it seems more then a little seedy *and* hypocritical to say what amounts so “well, technology marches on, and so do I, so I’m giving up the Sony U reporting and moving onto bigger and better things”, after making such a heartfelt plea and requisite promise, doesn’t it? Especially when his focus on the U was the thing that brought this blog to many people’s attention in the first place…

But hey, he’s a consultant after all. And you know what that means: promises, promises….

And of course, jk loved the U. Really. After all, it revolutionized the way he did business, his lifestyle, everything – so much so that he would *never* want to *get rid of it*, under any circumstances…

Except that now – strangely enough – he does.

(And not supliment it – replace it in its entirety.
Despite that fact that he claimed multiple times that the U was a better investment then a Tablet PC ever was, since it did the same things and was more portable.)

Go figure.

I suppose next he’ll wish aloud that someone sends him a full Tablet PC….

Any takers?

Because if there are, I know a nice bridge that’s for sale…


A little late in my response, but the person who gave him the U understands his situation completely.



I have a sony u-750 and wanted to know if it is possible to run windows ce on it. there are a lot of good applications on windows ce that are not for windows xp.
It would be really great if someone could get back to me.
Thx in advance.


No, I only went as far as Knoppix-STD which had issues.

I don’t know if you’ve been following things over at handtops, but I’m a proud owner of an OQO…although it’s about to be RMAed for the 2nd time in 2 weeks.

I got a defective unit from Expansys and my hdd died on the replacement unit I got from OQO.

Despite this, it’s a slick device. The Wacom tablet is very cool, the pen has a right mouse button, and the hover ability of the stylus is cool.

I really needed the thumb board and loving the input method. Having the built-in Bluetooth and pairing it with my Nokia was a snap and surfing was great while it lasted.


I am all about mobile technology and that won’t change. I will be following the Sony very closely, and other devices too. It’s what I do. Besides, I haven’t sold the Sony yet. fil, have you installed Linux yet? :)


As is with all devices, we all move on.

Thanks for getting a bunch of us excited over this device.

Don’t forget about us Sony U owners as you move on to the Tablet. Please keep posting on good mobility solutions!


I thought your U750 was given to you so you would write about it? What does the person that gave it to you think about you selling it? I’m confused?


er, didn’t someone send you the U for free? and now you’re selling it?


Marc, my show notes will look the same just on bigger pages. :) Anyway, I have to sell the U first so we’ll see what happens.

Marc Orchant

Oh boy… I’m so excited! Now your show notes will look so much better, right? Seriously – it will be a great ongoing story for our podcast buddy. I’ve told you before that the HP was the only other TPC I seriously considered besides the M200 – you’ve made a great choice. I know you’ll be sad to see the U go but hopefully it will find a great home.


Very nice case. Looks like it fits perfectly, like Piel Frama cases usually do.

Dave Jansen

It’s too bad you’re selling your U, James. You know that you were the last thing that made me totally convinced to get one? (And I do ;)).

If you’re thinking about selling the billionton card seperately (I am looking for one at the moment), please contact me.


I second Mike’s comments re: the HP tc1100. I’ve owned the tablet for about a year now, having closely looked at the Fujitsu slate and the Motion Computing M1400. What I love about the tc1100 is that you can have your cake and eat it, too; you don’t have to give anything up. You need a traditional laptop experience, no problem; wanna work in slate mode, no problem. Don’t know how you want to work but don’t want to carry around a separate keyboard, no problem. The tc1100 covers all scenarios!

And if you’d like to keep your tc1100 package as small as possible, I highly recommend the case by Piel Frama.(See here: Yes, the case that HP provides works, but it is sooo big! The Piel Frama case packages the tc1100 in a great-looking form-fitted case. See this review by Tablet PC Corner for size comparison: And the Piel Frama case mates very well with the Profile 12 shoulder bag from Brenthaven. After buying 3 different bags for my tablet, I settled on the Brenthaven b/c its the smallest one I found that accomodates the tc1100 in the Piel Frama case. I carry my tc1100 with me everywhere, so I wanted the smallest total package I could find.


I have to tell you, the HP TC1100 is an incredible tablet. I’ve tried out a pretty good number of tablets and I think it’s the best true tablet out there. It’s hard to count it as even a hybrid for me, as the keyboard is off 95% of the time. As a slate, nothing feels better in my hands.

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