Quadruple 5555s


05.05.005 comes only once in 1000 years and coinciding with Thursday (5th Day of the week) comes only once in 7000 yrs… via Drudge


Grampa Geoff

My first grandson, Gabriel was born at 22:43 on 05/05/05. One of my friends commented that I should “take that kid to Vegas!”


What makes it even more unique is that I saw Maroon 5 yesterday. Trippy!

Fazal Majid

Quite appropriate, as telcos seem to be going from “five nines” levels of availability (99.999%) towards something closer to “nine fives”…

Staci Kramer

maybe after my BlogNashville session Saturday … I could start at 5 p.m.


ironcally I was having my fifth cup of coffee when I heard the newsperson bring up the signifigance of today. :^)

Abhay S. Kushwaha

05.05.05 comes once in 100 years. The year’s last two digits are the only significant figures. For example: 2005 is written as ’05; 2105 will be ’05 as well.

Staci Kramer

Even better, it’s cinco de mayo — but i don’t see five margaritas in my near future.

Jesse Kopelman

Yeah, but 5:05am happens 24 times over the course of the day, as you change time zones . . .


At the 5:05am wasn’t it quintuple 05s? (5th minute of the 5th hour of the 5th day of the 5th month of the 5th year). Of course, at 5pm it’s really the 17th hour of the 5th day, etc.

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