Moto Loco, $800 OjO?

ojoOkay today is the day you go loco, drink too much tequila. But you don’t start a day early, or too soon. I think Motorola’s pricing strategy for OjO is just that – loco. (I had ranted about this earlier as well!) I mean what are they thinking – we will pay $800 for a video phone, which is good looking only in a Star Trek kind of a way. “Even if you’re willing to hand over $800 for one (or, more realistically, $1,600 for two, since you’re going to need someone to call), you may have to provide your own access,” writes Engadget. How about taking a cue from Packet 8, which has been cutting prices desperately to push its video phones, and consumers are still saying, whatever! Do we need another digital clunker in the house, especially when 3G wireless will make video calling easier on cell phones. I know for some odd reason Motorola thinks it can repeat RAZR’s success, but OjO will never be RAZR. It will cost millions in marketing and promotion, or what I call a futile attempt and waste of shareholder equity.

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