Marc Orchant gets a Treo, Rob Bushway loses one


Treo_650_1Buddy Marc Orchant is all aglow over his new Treo 650 which I have to admit is a very nice smartphone, even if it’s a Palm (ducking).  He’s posted his first impressions on his blog and describes how he’s set it up for maximum productivity.  One of the first things I said to Marc when he told me about getting the Treo was that now he will be online and connected all the time and have no life.  I was joking, of course, but I think it still got Marc in trouble with the family.  If so, sorry Marc.  :)

Rob Bushway writes on his blog that he has gotten rid of his Treo 650.  The reason- being connected via email all the time was cutting into his personal life.  Be very careful, Marc.  I joke about this but it is a genuine concern that I have written about in the past.  Fortunately, I know Marc is well grounded and as our Aussie buddies would say, no worries mate.



“I have, however, found some great new blogs to read that focus on the Treo.” And so it begins…

Marc Orchant

I don’t think I’d go so far as to say “no worries”. I’ve found after years of Tech Addiction (the disease, not the podcast) that I have to be ever-vigilant about maintaining the old work/life balance thing. At this point in my life, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

I also hate cell phones so I’m not inclined to abuse the Treo that way and face some of the issues Rob is speaking about. My danger zone with the Treo is the same as it is with the Tablet PC – it’s just too much fun to tinker!

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not but I’m so busy with more productive things occupying my time that tinker time is at a minimum. Also, since I’ve used a Palm device for years, it’s not like I’ve got a lot of new stuff to look at. I have, however, found some great new blogs to read that focus on the Treo.

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