Amazon Patents Method Of Sharing Information Between Web Pages


Not a clue what this means or what kind of mischief it might allow Amazon to make but Jeff Bezos and Ashish Gupta now have patent #6,889,250 for “a method and system for allowing users of different web pages to exchange information.” It relates to user-supplied data and the exchange of that information; for instance, I think, book reviews being posted by users, viewed by other users, collected as a web page to be viewed, etc. For rampant speculation follow the headline link above to Slashdot.
Update: Just came across this story on Wired News about Amazon’s efforts to unleash its vast amounts of digital content by offering different ways to look at book text. Bill Carr, EVP-digital media: “We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking, ‘We have this rich digital content, how can we pull info out and expose it to customers that makes discovery even better?’ What you are seeing here are the fruits of a lot experimenting and brainstorming.”

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