VoWiFI Service in New Mexico

In what could arguably be the first city wide Voice-over-WiFi deployment just went live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Ecquity, a CLEC is now going to offer a $29.95 a month service over Azulstar’s metro-wide Wi-Fi wireless network. (Azulstar Networks, based in Grand Haven, Mich., is a division of Ottawa Wireless) The service is being sold to 64,000 residents who would need to get a special VoIP WiFi handset. The two companies will introduce an unlimited calling $130 a month package for small businesses, and would bundle four lines and a fax connection in that package. According to Networking Pipeline, Rancho Rio is also called Silicon Mesa, and a ton of high tech companies make home there. Meanwhile Industry Gurus rediscover VoWiFi, one more time. Enough already please


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