VoWiFI Service in New Mexico

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In what could arguably be the first city wide Voice-over-WiFi deployment just went live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Ecquity, a CLEC is now going to offer a $29.95 a month service over Azulstar’s metro-wide Wi-Fi wireless network. (Azulstar Networks, based in Grand Haven, Mich., is a division of Ottawa Wireless) The service is being sold to 64,000 residents who would need to get a special VoIP WiFi handset. The two companies will introduce an unlimited calling $130 a month package for small businesses, and would bundle four lines and a fax connection in that package. According to Networking Pipeline, Rancho Rio is also called Silicon Mesa, and a ton of high tech companies make home there. Meanwhile Industry Gurus rediscover VoWiFi, one more time. Enough already please

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Roadrunner Wireless Services, Inc

It’s a real shame that the Rio Rancho city overlooks a local pre-existing citywide wireless Internet provider. They are even trying
to sue us out of business by having our legal towers removed.
Do as we say not as we do. They want business to grow up here
but are hurting others. Roadrunner has Voice over Internet customers on the system, we hope our subscribers don’t need to
call emergency services. Azulstar is causing interferance problems
and does not care who they hurt, thus voice calls don’t go through.
Azulstar has made no efforts to clear the problems and has actually
started placing 2 our more access points next to or too close to Roadrunners access points on the same channels. Somone is going to get hurt
or die because of the efforts of Azulstar and the efforts of Rio Rancho.

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