Using Knoppix to fix WinXP problems

On a recent Tablet PC Show co-host Marc Orchant shared a trick he uses to keep his Tablet PC working in emergencies.  He discussed using Knoppix Live, a flavor of Linux designed to run directly from CD, to access his Tablet PC in the event some Windows XP problem prevented him from booting his PC.  He cleverly installed Knoppix to an SD card since his Toshiba has an SD slot that is bootable.  Ars Tecnica has published an article entitled Fun with Knoppix where they interview the author of Knoppix Hacks that discusses not only how to do what Marc has done but also how to use Knoppix to fix many common problems that face Windows XP users.  The article is a good read for anyone looking for a good repair solution, especially when you may be away from your home or office.


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