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Use Cisco’s VPN Client? You’ll want to hold off on upgrading to 10.4.

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One thing to watch for when upgrading to Tiger is to make sure that the applications you absolutely, positively need to do your job are working on 10.4. One such application for my work is Cisco’s VPN client. Right now, it’s not working on 10.4. The good news is that Cisco’s working on an updated client and it’s expected to be out by late May – early June.

4 Responses to “Use Cisco’s VPN Client? You’ll want to hold off on upgrading to 10.4.”

  1. Cisco will not provide upgrade to your users without service contract because they have the worst support system in the world and do not stand behind their product.

    I got calls from users who called Cisco to obtain updates and all they got were hours of endless bulltalk, what a terrible support……, Cisco should rethink the whole support system and provide free patches and updates to their buggy code just likie everybody else does, until then look elswhere…., good hardware but terrible company to deal with, buggy software

  2. Rich Trouton

    It’s more a case of Cisco not being quite done yet with their updated VPN client. They had worked pretty closely with Apple, but they just weren’t finished by the time Apple released 10.4.

  3. giovanni

    was not cisco not aware of 10.4? you would have thought that they would have had months to solve the problem of 10.4/vpn. Or is tht case thaat 10.4 breaks the standards??