The Engadget interview with Bill Gates- of Tablets and such


Engadget recently got to sit down with Microsoft’s Bill Gates and talk about a number of topics.  The interview was run on Engadget in two parts but for Tablet PC owners Part Two, which covered some Tablet PC ground, was the one we were waiting for.  Here’s a teaser from the interview:

Before we have to wrap things up, I wanted to ask you about Tablet PC. According to IDC, only 1.3% of all PCs sold last year were Tablet PCs. Is that good enough? Were those the sorts of numbers that you were expecting when you launched the platform a few years ago?

Well I believe in Tablet and I’m never the best person to know what the ramp up will be like. We’re not mainstream yet and we are hardcore, we’re going make it better and better and get this thing to be mainstream. I’m very encouraged by this sales growth we’re seeing right now. The last three months has been the record by far. You know, it just takes time. You gotta get the cost premium down. We’re working hard on this one. We expect it to be a standard feature of every portable and that would be more like 30% of all PCs than 1% of all PCs. So we’re going to get there.

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