Tap-ed Out


tapwave zodiacThings are looking pretty bleak for Tapwave‘s Zodiac PDA+Gaming device. The deep discounts being offered on the devices, and game developer Fat Hammer deciding to remove Zodiac from its list of compatible devices, it was only matter of time before Tapwave pulled the plug on its Zodiac product line. Tapland confirmed this with Tapwave’s Senior VP of Marketing, Byron Connell, who said that “Tapwave is starting to transition from offering Tapwave branded retail products to developing new co-branded products for OEM partners (i.e., other leading consumer electronic companies).” I am not sure why anyone would want to do that? The PDA market and the handheld game device market is a brutal market place, where only the likes of Sony survive. Nokia’s NGage has taken a long time to get some traction. The consumer electronics market place is not as easy as many in SV believe. Tapwave’s recent past should be a wake-up call for anyone with CE ambitions – tread carefully!


Om Malik

over two million sold, i would say that is some traction. why even EA is making games for them. not too shabby even if its taken them three years to get there

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