T-Mobile, EDGE Yes, 3G No

T-Mobile is not that enamored with 3G. It can’t be – it doesn’t have the spectrum to roll out 3G services, so it is staying focused on cheap voice, and using WiFi as a high speed data option. However, the company is willing to make a concession to the future and is going to roll out EDGE service (which is roughly twice as fast as GPRS) by end of 2005. “We’ll use the time to make a better product at a better price point,” Cole Brodman, T-Mobile USA’s chief development officer told The Seattle Times. “Instead of jumping off the cliff with all the other lemmings with 3G and mowing everyone over, there’s going to be very little put in the market that we couldn’t do on our EDGE products, and hopefully better prices at similar performance.” 3G will come, maybe in 2008. Of course they could replicate their international strategy and introduce Flarion OFDM-based high speed data network in some other frequency band than their current cellular frequencies.

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