Speakeasy Launches Pre-WiMAX in Seattle


Independent broadband ISP Speakeasy has just launched a pre-WiMAX service in Seattle, and will offer it as a complement to its DSL packages. The company has placed its transmission set-up at Seattle’s Space Needle. Speakeasy is taking orders but service goes commercial next month. More details here. Its not cheap – a 6 megabits (total of up and download bandwidth) service that will take 2 days to install is going to set you back by $800 a month. Its the same price you would pay roughly for two T-1 lines, and get the same results. (T-1 is symmetrical up and down.) But this is clearly a boon for those who are not close to the broadband grid. Given that the company has taken an investment from Intel, it should not come as a surprise that it is all over this fixed wireless thing. Alvarion is the key equipment supplier.


Frank Muto

Mpower Announces Initial Deployment of Fixed Wireless Broadband Network in Las Vegas

Intel/Alvarion Streaming Video Application Riding Mpower
Fixed Wireless Network at Networld+Interop Show

LAS VEGAS – NETWORLD + INTEROP – May 4, 2005 – Mpower Communications

Corp. (AMEX:MPE), a leading provider of data and voice services to
retail and wholesale business customers , today announced the initial deployment of its new fixed wireless broadband network in Las Vegas.

Charlie Sierra


I’ve never and would never think of bandwidth that way.

So yes, 3 up and 3 down is two T1s.

This is very interesting pricing in that they’re not discounting. Congrats to them.

PS. Maybe I should’ve read the article, but there’s only so much time.

Om Malik

i did the math using 2 T-1 lines @ 1.5 megabits up and 1.5 megabits down – that makes it six megabits per second. most t-1 are going for about 400 a month now, though you can get a lower cost option from some clecs. i am going on the assumption you can’t get a better connection. compared with speakeasy, which is doing 6 megabits per second 3+3 or 4+2, you pay $800 (with annual contract). hopefully i explained the math cleanly enough!

DG Lewis

The 6Mb/s is total upstream+downstream, so if you want symmetrical, it’s the equivalent of 2 T1s.

Interesting from the coverage map that they only seem to be providing 180 degrees of coverage.

Charlie Sierra


Wouldn’t 6MB be equal to 4 T1’s, so at $800/mo, speakeasy is offering a 50% discount over the wired substitute.

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