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Review: Lyricize, Personalized Songs

RingtoneA few weeks ago I blogged on the launch of a new service, Lyricize, which allows you to personalize songs. Soon after I received an e-mail from the folks at Lyricize thanking me for the post, questioning my use of the word ‘tacky’, and offering me the opportunity to try the service for myself. So I did…and it’s not just my opinion you’ll be relying on, but that of my wife.

The site is very easy to use, which should be a given but unfortunately isn’t as common an occurence as it should be. The site is clean and easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. There’s four different categories (Love, Birthday, Invitation to events, Saying hi) with different subcategories (eg, Hot love, romantic love, troubled love…). Unfortunately there’s only one song available at the moment, so if you don’t like Guantanamera you’re out of luck. There are six music styles to choose from, though…

The song is individualized with the persons name (if the one you enter isn’t in the database you can see names that are close) and by changing specific words in the song. There are also different types of lines you can choose. There’s a wide range of choices — you can call your lover things like “my sweetheart”, “my sunshine” and “my drumstick”. I was especially taken with the ability to refer to my friend as “my goatherd” when sending a “keep in touch” song… The amount of personalization is truly impressive.

The Personalization PageAnd is the resulting song tacky? Well yes, the perfect amount. When you send a personalized love song to your wife you want a certain amount of kitsch…the important thing is that she loved it. As soon as she realized the song was personalized for her she thought it was “fantastic” — and in fact had exactly the reaction you’d want someone to have in that moment.

She thinks Lyricize is a great idea — and I agree with her. It’s not the sort of present you would give your best mate, but you’d send a happy birthday one to your mum. In fact, Karla wanted to make one for me right way, which illustrated one problem — there’s only one singing voice, a male one. It was a little disconcerting to here a love song sung to me in a male voice, and although I can understand the difficulty in getting all the different words recorded and organized I think it will be worth it to include a female voice.

Songs can be sent to someone via a link in an email, via an e-card or straight to their MP3-playing mobile phone where it can be set as the ringtone depending on the handset. It costs $7.99 for the song and an extra $1.99 for an ecard or mobile phone destination.

All up, this is a great concept, and if Lyricize go through with the promise of more songs it has some seriously good potential. At the moment it is restricted by only having one song and one singer, but then it’s only been live for a few weeks.

The song I made for my lovely wife can be downloaded here, to give you an idea of the service.