Lecture recorder for students

Lecture_recorder_1If you are a student who doesn’t happen to be using OneNote on a notebook computer or a Tablet PC then you might find Lecture Recorder to be just what you are looking for.  Lecture Recorder makes it easy to record lectures (or meetings) using any available sound device on your PC and easily work with the recording.  There is a note pane for taking your notes alongside the recorder (I don’t believe it’s ink enabled but should work with the Tablet TIP) and the program provides a lot of options to customize your use of the tool.  Recordings can be made in OGG compressed format and there is a transcription playback mode to let you make notes easily from your recorded lectures.  The program is $19.90 and keeps both the recorded audio and text notes in the same file for ease of backing up your files.  You can also email your recorded audio and notes from directly in the program if you want to share with a friend.

(via TRFJ)

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