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The very popular open source instant messaging client for the Mac, known as Adium or “Adium X”, has been brought up to 0.8, very close to its final release. If you don’t already have it, jump over to, and download it. It’s free, by the way.

It’s known for allowing multiple accounts for the various services to be signed in simultaniously. In addition, it offers a quite open plugin ability – people can design their own contact lists, message windows, icons, and more. Among the features for 0.8, Adium has a newly redesigned interface, which seems cleaner, and options have been relocated into more organized places. It offers custom events, and the ability to do even more.

If you’ve used 0.7x, the differences may take some getting used to. It seems that parts have been completely rewritten, which means that it behaves a little bit differently. For instance, some peoples’ dock icons for Adium will no longer display the status (away, available, idle, etc). This is supposed to be coming back soon, and is said to be a bug. On the other hand, you can now control your status from the duck in the menu bar, next to the clock.
The preference panes and various windows have also been changed. The contact list has various window frame and transparency options that weren’t so prominent in the previous versions. In addition, the problems that I had with file transfer before seem to be fixed in this version.

It’s missing things like video chats right now, but that’s what iChat AV is for. Let’s hope the Adium developers can find a way to make it happen in the future.

Update: Adium 0.81 is now available. It’s not as remarkable, but fixes the dock icon issue, and cleans up stability, especially for non-English users. Make sure you update.


Steve Savery

Something very cool has happened with this new version. The new Growl system preference pane works with NewsFire!! And it’s configurable, to a degree.

I only started using Adium a few or two weeks ago, but I’m now a convert! I’ve been singing it’s praises to anyone who’ll listen (and a few unlucky Windows user who are still missing out). :D

David Appleyard

Hehe – OK. Sorry for blatantly arguing an incorrect case :)

And Jordan – Thanks for contributing to what is such a great program


im a project contributor, and probably not the person you want to be arguing with about the status of the project…

Jason Terhorst

Just to clarify, no, .8 is not a final release, but it’s still a public beta, and very stable at that. Since it’s an open source project, the development process is slower, but it will be at 1.0 eventually.

Gareth Potter

0.8 is not a final version. 1.0 will be a final version. 0.8 is a sizeable step towards 1.0, but nothing more. Whilst I love Adium, I think it is wise to acknowledge that it is not worthy of 1.0 status yet, and the version number reflects this.


.8 does not neccesarily mean we are two releases away from a final version


you may not truly wish to say its very close to its final release as .10.0 follows .9, not necessarily 1.0…

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