Steve Jobs, Lenin?


Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard takes a bat to Steve Jobs, and writes a scathing editorial about Steve’s bullying ways. Or as they say, this is going to make as much impact as raindrops falling on an elephant’s back. Wall Street Journal: “Steve Jobs and other great American icons such as Henry Ford and Howard Hughes also combine in history’s worst tyrants. The cult of personality built around Lenin and Mao is not unlike the cult Macolytes have built around Mr. Jobs. One can only speculate what the two-sided genius potential of a baby Steve Jobs, dropped by a stork into Russia or China a hundred years ago, might have become. Deprived of a capitalistic playing field, where would his energies have gone? Toward the dark side is one guess.”


Om Malik

i guess, that’s the thing. steve bites the hand that feeds (his ego) and gets away with it. mystique i guess. bill… is just too much of a nerd so to speak and is so smart that people just resent that.

Charlie Sierra

Bummer, this pretty much kills any hopes Steve might’ve had wrt the UN.

Mike D.

So here’s the thing about Steve Jobs and Apple:

Yes, we all know he’s a bully… but he’s a bully with good taste. Bill Gates, on the other hand, is a bully with no taste. Given these two options, how can you not prefer the former? The only problem occurs if and when Apple’s taste falls out of harmony with the consumers’ (which it hasn’t in quite some time).

The other thing we can be sure of is that if Jobs and Apple had the sort of market leverage that Microsoft does, they’d probably be even more tyrannical than Microsoft is. But they’re not in that position… and that is why they are the better company right now.

Ives Leutenegger

Thank you Mr. Jobs!

I’m a very upset customer about Apple’s newest attempt how to take Swiss Citizens money out of their pocket. Not enough that we pay 15% more for a Mac mini, now Apple asks us to pay CHF 24.99 which is around US$20 for a Tiger Update, where in the US, Apple charges less than half of what we pay!

Shame on you Apple! I love your products, but hate your price politics!

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