Macromedia’s ComMakeover


Macromedia, which has thus far made its fortunes by hawking software tools to the creative set is desperately looking for a telecom makeover. It is pushing its Flash technology, into the mobile domain. Flash Lite has impressed the likes of Russell Beattie. “We’re focused on developing and growing the mobile ecosystem,” Betsey Nelson, Macromedia’s chief financial officer tells Matt Maier over at Business 2.0, and adds, “This is a huge market for us.” Asian service providers like NTT DoCoMo have been quick to adapt this technology, and through creative use of “cash” the company is expanding into fast growing markets such as India.

If this is the Flash (pun intended), the real sizzle for Macromedia is its distance learning/web conferencing tool, Breeze. Company officials say that it is one of the fastest growing products in Macromedia’s line-up. “The release of Macromedia Breeze 5 moves Macromedia into a horse race with Microsoft, WebEx, and IBM,” said Paul Ritter, research director, Wainhouse Research. The company which released the new version software yesterday, says it has added better voice support in the tool. Many have misidentified this as a VoIP play – when in fact, it is a proprietary protocol Macromedia is using for voice communications in Breeze. Still, it is nice to see Macromedia make moves away from the ever slowing “desktop creatives” business. In case you forgot, it is also merging with Adobe Software.

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