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Bob Wright On Microsoft & MSNBC: “The partnership is solid.”

[Staci D. Kramer] The recurring rumors about Microsoft pulling out of its MSNBC partnership with NBC Universal reminded me of a brief conversation with Bob Wright, chairman and CEO, NBC Universal, at the national cable show in early April. Wright emphatically denied any plans to break up with Microsoft; he even resisted admonitions about catching a plane to repeat the sentiment. Here’s the exchange:
There’s been a lot of talk about the possibility of breaking up the partnership with Microsoft.

“That’s not going to happen. We have a long-term relationship with Microsoft and when you have a long-term partnership periodically you have to sit down and look at how to make it better, how to make some changes. There’s no plan, there’s no way we’re going to disband the partnership.

Do you see it morphing at all into something different?

“I think the object would be we just need to do better on MSNBC and we need to do more with Those are the opportunities for both of us. The partnership is solid.”
Circumstances can change quickly but that reply left the impression that NBCU, at least, is it in for the long haul.