Tablet PC Show #7 is available


A special show with a special guest, Marc Orchant and I had the pleasure to sit down (in three time zones) with a member of the First Family of the Tablet PC, Lora Heiny. Lora is well known to most everyone involved in the Tablet PC community and we had a wonderful conversation that covered a lot of ground. In the interview we find out how many web sites and blogs the First Family is directly involved with (more than two dozen) and Lora fills us in on all the fun things shown at WinHEC including the convertible Tablet with the sliding screen, Bill Gates’ UMPC and the Intel Entertainment slate. Marc wants an Auxilliary Display and Lora tells us all about the prototype she saw at WinHEC.  We also talk about some of the newest Tablet PCs that have been recently announced and how the different choices confronting the prospective consumer meet anyone’s needs. Marc and I promise not to use the term "laptop" in future podcasts.  :)   We hope you enjoy the show and maybe if we’re really nice we can get Lora to come back in the future. Special thanks as usual to One Egg Ticket for the great theme music. :)

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