Mostly VoIP, by 2014

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Market research firm In-Stat adds a dose of reality to the whole VoIP madness – they predict that that the mass migration to VoIP will happen pretty much in the 2010-2014 time frame. In-Stat believes that 2005-2009 is the consumer and small business VoIP ramp-up period. This time frame is largely dependent on carriers’ strategies for migration to the Next-Generation Network (NGN), but I still think that’s a reasonable guess, though my sources tell me that by 2020 the migration to all IP would be nearing completion.

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Stuart Henshall

Om, is this mass migration from landline or to mobile operators? Does this presume mobile operators roll out the that panacea of IMS or are we talking about merging all that with a real VON centric type of product. Can large businesses afford to be left out of the “presence” solutions that wil emerge? Is your all IP by 2020 a mesh network? Just a skeptic on the figures or what they tell us. How could they be wrong? What would the impact be?

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