US Market For Streaming TV on Mobiles

Couple of good stories explaining the competitive scenario of streaming TV to mobiles, using technologies like DVB-H and DVB-T…the players in US are Crown Castle, the wireless tower giant, and Qualcomm, with its MediaFlo technology…
Handsets go Hollywood: TI is developing a combined DVB-H tuner, demodulator and channel-decoder processor chip, nicknamed Hollywood, for introduction in 2006. Crown Castle is testing a prototype DVB-H service in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Qualcomm’s MediaFLO plans to invest more than $800 million to launch its own nationwide broadcast network by late 2006.
Live TV on Your Cellphone: On Crown Castle’s ambitions: “One of the big advantages is that, because it uses terrestrial transmission, we can carry local content in the same way as TV stations and offer different local services in different markets,” says Crown Castle Mobile Media President Michael Schueppert. “We’ll want to work with local broadcasters because they do the best job with local news, weather and sports.”