techADDICTION Show #8 is live!

The techADDICTION Show #008- 1st May 2005 (56min)
MP3 – 19.7MB

Techaddiction_album_cover_1Kevin and I are happy to bring you this edition of the techADDICTION Show and feel this is our best show yet. Well, to tell you the truth our contract with The Podcast Network states we HAVE to tell you that. But really, it’s true! We made a concerted effort to keep this show shorter than past shows and Kevin even switched from martinis to wine for the recording since we always stop the show when Kevin runs dry. :) It didn’t work, this show is as long as the others but it’s so chock full of conversation about cool devices, what we’re looking for in mobile tech, and some of the best Skype calls ever. Hope you enjoy and as always we need your feedback!

00:00 Intro- Kevin and James- intro music by One Egg Ticket (it’s thick)

01:50 StyleTap- running Palm apps on your Pocket PC

From Windows CE handheld PCs to the OmniSky modem for the Palm XV

11:15 Nokia N91- cell phone with a 4 GB hard drive

Verizon phones and data plans
JK needs a Verizon phone with EVDO and bluetooth!

19:08 Spb Diary for the Pocket PC

Kevin’s #1
Good review of Spb Diary

25:05 Intermission- station break from The Podcast Network

25:35 Big mobile week at the WinHEC conference

Bill Gates’ ultra mobile PC (UMPC)
Comparison photos of UMPC and the Sony U750
Sony, please make a mini Tablet PC
uBoard thumb board for the Sony U

38:05 Let’s go to the techADDICTION Skype line

Ian Dixon- third time caller (but that doesn’t count)- Media Center Show interviews Orb
Michael from West Virginia- fellow Sony U owner disses SkypeHeadset
Gary from Ohio- thinks JK is very knowledgable and “that other guy” is good too
Nate from Pennsylvania- questions about HDTVs and DVRs changing to MP4 format
Using rabbit ear antennas to get free HDTV

53:10 Wrap up and we are out of here


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