Audio: MediaFlo’s TV Plans

At the Mobile Media conference earlier last week, organized by the Media Center, Jeff Lorbeck, VP and GM for MediaFLO (Qualcommm’s subsidiary), spoke on the company’s efforts in mobile TV streaming (different from the 3G/on-demand video efforts from mobile operators). We’ve been covering MediaFlo since it was announced…
He spoke on:
— The mobile networks in US, and how MediaFlo is different
— Difference between 3G video and its technology
— What are MediaFlo’s plans in US?
— The mobile video scenario in US…
— Some research on why consumer prefer video on mobiles
— Mobile TV efforts in Korea, by SK Telecom
() The audio below is a recording of Lorbeck’s presentation….turn the audio up, as the recording is on a lower volume…download the presentation audio here (4.4 MB, 26 mins)….