Blimps and Broadband Politics


Sonia Arrison uses stratellites, you know those blimps that can beam broadband down to Planet Earth as an excuse to beat up on regulation minded California Public Utilities Commission. Clearly, she should beat up on the reactionary regulators and bureaucrats who don’t understand broadband. But to use vaporware technologies is just wrong and makes me wonder is she really dialed in. I mean using that as an example is just as bad as clueless politicians who are trying to mandate broadband policies. In case you didn’t know, she works for Pacific Research Institute, a libertarian think tank based in San Francisco.(Bio)


Om Malik

jesse, most of the trials at best have been modest successes. and i am being as generous as george steinbrenner. this is vapor ware and it will remain that in my mind. satellite broadband – fascination with birds should be restricted to the two-legged kind

Jesse Kopelman

I don’t know if I would call this vaporware. It has been successfully demonstrated many times. That said, I don’t see it ever becoming a commercial reality for many years. This is certainly no worse an idea than the satellite ventures people continue to happily pour billions into.

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