The Mystery Called


So the Japanese mobile content giant is buying out everyone in US and UK…it just announced a big acquisition in iTouch Plc, for $344 million.And I just got the tip that they’ve also bought out Musikube, the NYC-based mobile music recognition/tagging service (well, MusicKube is now a part of this company called NMK, which now has two brands: 411-SONG and, of course, MusiKube).
As I was researching this tip, I digged through’s investor documents…and here’s (PDF link) what I found:

This is a document from Sep 2004, so slightly old…for its Asian and Eurpopean acquisitions and planned ones, click here
I’ve heard of roll-up jobs, but this one is pretty big in an industry which is still only about 5-7 years old. And how come they’re always under the radar? Why don’t we end up meeting anyone at any of the mobile conferences? I would certainly like to sit and talk with some of the top execs at…
For-Side To Buy iTouch For $344 Million
Vindigo, Zingy Bought Out By Japanese Company

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