Sony Librie- ePaper done well


LibrieYou can’t easily get a Sony Librie in the US so any mention you can get from someone who’s actually seen one of the ebook readers is worth passing on.  Jason Kottke got to see one and has written about it on his blog.  The Sony Librie is one of the first devices to appear (in Japan) utilizing Sony’s epaper technology which does a great job of duplicating the paper book experience.  The Librie can be purchased from Dynamism for $600

What you can’t see from the photo is how insanely crisp and clear the text on the "screen" is. It was book-text quality…it looked like a decal until you pushed the next button and the whole screen changed. It was *really* mind-boggling and you could instantly see how most books are going to be distributed in the very near future. Despite looking like a computer, when you were reading, it felt like a book because of the resolution (a very odd sensation). And it’s not only for books…I was told that there’s e-paper that’s capable of full-color 24 fps video. Can’t say enough about how blown away I was by the Librie.

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