Sony Ericsson Releases Bluetooth Remote Control


For all you cheapskates out there with Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Sony has just announced the release (dated 11 days ago) of Bluetooth Remote Control 1.0. The application (3 MB download, release notes) is intended to provide functionality very similar to the popular Salling Clicker.

Right now, only the Sony Ericsson K700-, S700-, V800-, and Z800-series phones are supported. More ambitious readers may wish to grab Sony Ericsson’s Bluetooth HID developer guidelines (500K PDF) and see what sort of support on older phones is possible. If you get anything other than the four supported models working, please post details in the comments.


Derick Ramskill

I tried used this software, and with a little time on your hands it can be put some good use.
See some great results of these files
You can download free exe file that contains about 5 or 6 different application controllers. The skins that can be used can really make an impact with using the functionality.

PowerPoint, Media player, iTunes, Winamp can all be easily remote controlled ! :)

Jonas Salling

Perhaps a clarification is in place (same as last year, when HID was first announced).

What’s recently been released by Sony Ericsson is a tool for building config files for the HID functionality that has been available in their phones for close to a year.

HID gives you the equivalent of simple keyboard access from your phone.

Salling Clicker works in a very different way; it doesn’t require a controlled app to be front-most and is two-way, letting you see what track is currently playing in iTunes, for instance.

I hope this helps.



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