Remainder Links For The Weekend


Some good stories for the weekend:

Spokane thinks about flipping the model: A “radical new” redesign for “with the goal of reassigning our repurposed print content to sidebar status, at least on the home page.”

Consolidation Reshapes Stock-Image Market: The market is growing, but increased competition, agency consolidations and rapid acquisitions by an upstart in the pack have transformed the industry over the past two years.

Japanese companies team to protect content on removable hard drives: Content protection technologies for removable hard drives used in consumer electronics and PCs.

Plan to energise Australian digital industry: The Digital Content Industry Action Agenda will seek an extension of the 12.5 per cent refundable tax offset…

BBC + RSS = Public service headlines on websites anywhere: BBC News has announced a relaxation of rules that outlawed syndication of its headlines to other websites.

eMeta Introduces “Calling Plan” Pricing for Content and Services: This tier of content payment is long overdue for exploitation in publishing, allowing content providers and providers of related services and software to allow users to pay for content on a unit basis in a way that makes its “pay per view” consumption painless and proportional to their real valuation of a service.

Marketers In The PodBoom Age: Formation of International Nanocasting Alliance…commercial podcasting…

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