Program lets you run Palm apps on your Pocket PC

If you are a former Palm owner and have been wanting to run your favorite Palm programs on your new Windows Mobile Pocket PC then StyleTap may be just the utility you were looking for.  StyleTap is an innovative program that converts Palm OS API calls into native Windows Mobile API calls meaning you can install and run Palm apps on your Pocket PC and the Windows Mobile OS will treat them as native WM apps.  This means that even Palm programs that write directly to the screen will run properly on the Pocket PC.  Running StyleTap is not without some caveats, namely conduits, hacks, programs utilizing Bluetooth and any program that directly manipulates the Palm Motorola hardware registers will not work with StyleTap.  The unique program comes complete with a desktop program installer so bringing your Palm program onto your Pocket PC should be nice and painless.  $30.


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