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iSync 2.0 problems anyone?

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Update: Actually it is much simpler than I thought. Pair the phones and power down the phone, restart. ISync sends you a text message with a tiny agent that installs on your Nokia 6620 phone, and you are good to go. Same with s710a. Good luck guys

Just installed Tiger, and one of the things I was most looking forward to was new improved iSync 2.0. Apple officially says it works with a whole slew of phones, including Nokia 6620 and Sony s710a. I have both, tried to sync but failed. I am not the only one who is having these problems. The iSync thread has many complaining about issues of some sort with many of the new phones. I guess, I will have to wait for the updates.

5 Responses to “iSync 2.0 problems anyone?”

  1. I agree… I have been a mac fan since osx came out and find there isnyc really sucks and is not compatible with palm the palm software. It never comunicates properly with you try to (ENABLE PALM SYNCING) SUCKS! YEP DONT GET A MAC! FUCK APPLE!!!

  2. Om – That’s pretty cool that the computer send the phone what it needs to get going. I have not heard of that happening on any other systems before… Pretty slick that it can happen on multiple phone types and operating systems.