Free Game Raises Revenue Through Personalization


This is great…The Rocket has signed a deal to publish Pinball Dreaming — an old pinball game originally put out for computers in the 90’s. That’s not really a big deal, but “Pinball Dreaming is the first game to use the Rokkstar super distribution technology developed by The Rocket. This technology enables the free-of-charge distribution of the actual game in mobile entertainment services, Internet, alongside PC games, and even directly from one user’s phone to another’s“.
That’s right, the game is free. It comes with one table, and extra tables can be purchased via the game with the charge going to the users phone bill. Also, “it is possible to personalize the game by downloading new, exclusive background music tracks and ringtones to the built-in jukebox. This content is created by both the legendary composer Rob Hubbard and the original Pinball Dreams composer Olof Gustavsson. Also game-themed 3D screen savers, background images and logos will be offered…The users can also enjoy additional free-of-charge content, such as making of documents about the game production, photos and interviews.”
I think this method of distributing content and making money off it is brilliant, and will likely be the most successful distribution method on mobile phones.
In other game news, BusinessWeek has run an article on video games moving to the next level — mobile phones…this article is a good round-up of what is happening in the mobile games industry. I’m just surprised by people being embaressed to say they like Tetris.
Player One Limited is delighted to announce it has secured the Matchroom Sport license to publish the Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor Darts game for mobile.
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