European Content Market To Reach $3.86 Billion This Year


Western European revenues for consumer online content will nearly double in 2005, reaching over Euro 3bn and up to Euro 16bn in 2008, according to figures from EITO, the European IT Observatory.

Within three years, consumer online content revenues are expected to be higher than those in the business segment. More than a third of the present consumer online content market is based on online video, which will pass the Euro 1 billion mark this year.

Online games revenues in Western Europe are forecast to amount to Euro 929m in 2005, on the way to drawing level with online video revenues.

Full details of the study are available in this PDF by EITO..

In a related story, in Germany, sales volume of digital content via the Internet will increase in Germany this year by 137 percent to 484 million euros, this year…

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