AJC.com Meets Modest Goals For Paid Blogs


I played a very small part in the Atlanta newspapers’ earliest efforts to make money by delivering news via computer (the 1980s’ CompuServe experiment) so it’s a bit of a kick to see AJC.com on the slender roster of newspaper sites earning revenues from paid content. Hyde Post, editorial director of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s AJC.com, says the site’s foray into charging for sports content, including sub-only blogs, has met modest subscription and revenue goals. “The boats are still out as to how deep that vein is,” he told Line56.com.
Side note: A glance at the front page of AJC.com just now shows an almost mindboggling news decision: a large picture of the ex-Mrs. Michael Jackson and no image of the missing local woman mentioned in the lead headline.

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