3 Australia Gets Gold For Exercise Video

Last week 3 Australia “received the equivalent of a gold record for mobile phones for 35,000 downloaded copies of Eric Prydz’s music video Call on Me…While the girls’ leotards and gym moves might have had something to do with the video’s popularity, it accounts for a fraction of the 1 million tracks downloaded by customers of 3 since April last year.” True to form the 3 spokesperson welcomed 3G competition as helping to “drive awareness of added services on mobiles”…and Paul Budde derided the service offerings as too expensive, saying that music and video packages had to be priced from $20 to appeal to teenagers, who he claims are the most likely users. On a pay-as-you-go basis “3 has about 453,000 customers who spend $9 a month, on average, buying music and other multimedia content, on top of voice and messaging bills.”