You can never have enough super heroes around


Jc_cam_009_2 Back in January I told the story of how my dog Oreo ate my laptop.  Well, not really ate it but screwed it up royally.  It still needs repair but it’s out of warranty and I haven’t had the time nor spare change to get it fixed but have been able to continue using it.  I don’t use it often to begin with but occasionally I do need to do something with it and was able to progress for a few weeks by using things to prop the cord up right where it plugs into the laptop which allows it to make contact with the jack.  It’s getting worse and worse as these problems usually do and it had reached a point where I couldn’t make good enough contact to power the laptop from the adapter.  I tried everything I could think of but nothing would prop it up at just the right angle to provide a charge and I was ready to give up when a hero stepped up to the plate and provided exactly the help I needed.  My wife is always giving me a hard time about all the "toys" I have in my office (they’re not toys they’re action figures), including the entire cast of the original Thunderbirds TV series, but now it’s proven they provide a real need.  I don’t remember which cartoon series this figure came from or even his name since it came in my kid’s Burger King happy meal. If anyone knows let me know.



BTW, this method will work for a little while, but the power assembly will eventually fail and no type of jostling of the cord will work.

If I were you, I’d get a new machine soon.



[shakes head]

At least he gets to keep them out on his desk at home. A couple of my friends wives shudder when they walk into mine and other guy offices with 70-90’s sculpture. ;)


I intend to do that when my camera is working again and I can post them to the blog without problems. :)


Thanks for the link, Rick! bk, you win the name the superhero contest. As the winner all pics on the jkOTR site will load perfectly and quickly for you! :)


fil, the Thunderbirds action figures are originals from the 1960s.

Marc and bk, which is it, Sheen or Shane?

This goes to show you, I can write a 10 page article about text entry methods and get maybe a couple of comments, but write a little post about toys and get good comment traffic. :)


Looks like Marc and I posted at the same time…I guess it’s a bad sign that I knew it on my own….definetly have to stop watching these shows!


Doh! How can you tell someone who has kids and watches too much TV? By the fact that I knew right away that the figure is Shane from Jimmy Neutron. He’s wearing his Ultra Lord helmet!!!! I gotta stop watching these shows!

Marc Orchant


The characters name is Sheen from the Jimmy Neutron cartoon series on Nickleodeon. He’s wearing his UltraLord mask, BTW. You’re lucky it’s bring your son or dughter to work day. I happen to have my expert sitting right here.

Personally, I prefer the Batman action figures ;^)



Leave your husband alone.

Oh, and they’re not toys. They’re sculptures. ;)


You need to go vintage on the toys [sculptures], I still have my 1985 Gen 1 Optimus Prime, my 1986 Matel Lion Voltron, and my G-Force Phoenix sitting on my desk in my office at home also.

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