Slight Construction, Clean-Up To The Site


As you have noticed, the design of the site is going through a slight change. We are cleaning up the site, and are making it more streamlined. I was getting too much bandwidth usage from the site, and found that the design, and images were slowing things down. Hopefully, this slight makeover is going to make things easier. You can see we have the top featured story at the top, and will soon also add another new feature, the most popular stories by both viewership and comments. This way, people won’t have to spend too much time looking for the “hot stuff.” Lastly, I am going to implement a small link blog (powered by which is going to point to great stuff by other writers/bloggers/news outlets. Please be patient for a day or two, and let me know if you come across any major bugs.


Benoit Gariod

Would be nice to have the “top super extra featured” stories as links, instead of full text.
But it does look a lot better now.

Kyle Bunch

Holy crap, this is freakin’ sweet….really love the main nav on the right-side, with the nifty CSS rollovers and such. Kudos all around!


looks good. i too am not able to go beyond Page 1. Clicking on next page just seems to reload the current page. Other than that, looks clean.

Om Malik

trying to get it done before end of day tomorrow. there are some bugs and errors which are going to get fixed in a bit. thanks for your feedback


I like the new look but next page seems to be broken (IE 6.0). Just takes me back to the top of the lead page.

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