TypePad = fantastic customer service

I posted about my high traffic causing pic loading problems on the blog and TypePad immediately came to the rescue.  I posted a help ticket item on the TypePad service, went away for a few minutes and when I came back two things happened above and beyond what you normally expect from customer service.  First, I received an email from the TypePad team recommending I use a caching service for handling the photos so it wouldn’t impact performance.  This was accompanied by detailed instructions on how to accomplish the caching.  This would have been excellent enough but they weren’t done there.  When I reloaded the jkOTR front page I noticed that not only were the pics coming in as they should but a quick look at the browser status bar showed that the TypePad Team had apparently routed all the pics through the cache service.  Sweet!  I also received notice that a comment had been posted on my original post by Anil Dash, VP at Six Apart, the company behind TypePad.  He wanted to make sure I had filed a help ticket to get the problem taken care of.  This is why I love TypePad and why I have been so happy with their service.  Customer is king.  Thanks TypePad Team and Anil!


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