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business 2 new issueDo This. Get Rich: With VCs awash in money and itching to spend, it’s a great time to start a new business. We’ve found 11 of the hottest business opportunities today. Take your pick — and seek your fortune. The Trifecta – aka Michael V. Copeland, Erick Schonfeld, and I came up with 11 cool ideas that could make someone a lot of money. It’s funny nobody ever thought of “Pimp My PC,” or a search engine for podcasts.

The Super-Cheap Supercomputer: Imagine plunking down $100,000 and walking away with your very own supercomputer. The low-cost computing revolution means you can now get that result with a handful of off-the-shelf components.

Road to The Broadband Nation: Tired of asking “Are we there yet?” Communities across the United States are rolling out sophisticated broadband technologies to take the future for a test-drive. Here’s where you’ll find them.

Elsewhere in the magazine, a piece on Shawn Fanning and hot stuff on hard drives,


yehuda p.

Since you’re into ideas and wireless, here’s an idea. Surely you’ve heard of that recent invention “hypersonic sound.” If not, here’s a link:


In the article, the inventor doesn’t seem to show any real practical uses. But i had a thought. In the same way as restaurants and libraries are offering wifi, this can be added. With WiFi, you need a laptop if you want to access online music libraries. With these “hypersonic” speakers installed above each table, customers at each table can choose and pay for their music at an in-store jukebox/kiosk and have it played for their table alone. A couple at a restaurant can have their song played just for themselves without disturbing their neighbors. No earphones or computer needed.

Om Malik

hey it is called open source business ideas. take them, innovate around them. me and smart, have not been accused of that lately. anyway i am a monday morning quarterback type anyway


Om, if you’re so smart (he-heh), and could come up with these new ideas, why aren’t you knocking on the doors of Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins?

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