High bandwidth = no pics

You have probably figured out that the site traffic has gone through the roof since getting Slashdotted yesterday.  This has resulted in pages intermittently failing to display some of the pics in the articles.  At least, I’m pretty sure this is the cause and I hope it will pass soon.  Here’s what I’m talking about and why TypePad is likely not very happy with me right now:

  • Your bandwidth allotment:                    5 GB
  • Actual bandwidth usage this month:     52.5988 GB  (1051.98%)
  • Projected bandwith usage this month:  60.3912 GB  (1207.82%)

It appears that TypePad is not allowing me to post new pics in the articles, at least they won’t even display in the editor.  I have not heard from TypePad at all about this so I don’t know for sure they are the cause.  If so then I guess it’s time to move the blog to another server.  Bummer.


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